Wednesday, May 3, 2017

5 card spread Joey and Joshua Knudsen-White. 5/4/17

Ace of SwordsScienceStrengthWealthVictory

The card for the past is called Ace of Swords. Its' predominance will not continue.
Ace of Swords

  • The origin of all thought is consciousness in its' purest form - as represented by the Ace of Swords. It is the truthful incarnation of the element air. Without a demiurgic act thought passes but leaves no traces.
  • Live consciously, act consciously, feel consciously. The Ace of Swords is the key to definite understanding. Never forget, that action has to follow cognition if you head for changes.

Possible obstacles in your way are symbolized by the card Science. Consider this aspect carefully as it may help you to avoid perils.
  • The Six of Swords unifies the power of the element air with the essence of thought in perfect harmony. Thus Science is the truthful symbol for the rational concept. Science creates playfully ideas, finds solutions and is self-sufficient.

  • Use your creativity in order to overcome obstacles and problems. With the inspiration of Science you should act without delay and surprise your environment - and maybe even yourself - with the best move. Ambitious projects develop well, if their very root is science.

This is the sign of the present. It is called Strength and enfolds its' power now.

  • Strength is dynamic equilibrium in its' purest form: Steady change is stability. Continuous creation is a fountain of strength that will never cease. It is the eternal fire illuminating the universe with abundant energy.
  • Follow your current path. The Nine of Wands is indicating that there is enough power available to succeed with your intentions. Do not be afraid and do not overrate your concerns. In emotional topics Strength suggests security and freedom.
Positive Energies are symbolized by the fourth card. It is known as Wealth. Take advantage of the quality of this archetype.

  • Emotional wealth is the great resource of this card. Love, shelter and affection are its' attributes. The Three of Cups counteracts unrest and doubt and removes insecurity. The calm emotions are strengthened and struggle and conflict have to retreat.

  • Be aware of the abundance of contacts, moods and emotions in your life. Especially if you are worrying about something you should never forget that this other aspect of life is still there. In case your days are happy, you should not head for change.

    The future is mirrored in the last card, called Victory. Try to understand its' full complexity, for the future may hold surprises.

  • Victory - the Six of Wands - is the glorious accomplishment of the intense energy of the Five of Wands. The Six of Wands marks the end of a process. Now the winner claims his prize and for a moment he is content with what he got.

  • Enjoy the beauty of accomplishment, if you reach an aim or if you achieve something of importance. This moment is the moment that matters now, nothing else. Lucky is he who can preserve this happiness within himself.

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