Saturday, May 27, 2017

3 Card spread Tarot Reading for Christina Langewis 5/27

The Fool
The Moon
The Fool
The Moon
 Triumph, End, Accomplishment 
 Ease, Spirituality, Idea 
 Illusion, Confusion, Restlessness 


The dominant aspect of the past is called Victory. Try to understand its' nature

  • Victory - the Six of Wands - is the glorious accomplishment of the intense energy of the Five of Wands. The Six of Wands marks the end of a process. Now the winner claims his prize and for a moment he is content with what he got.
  • Enjoy the beauty of accomplishment, if you reach an aim or if you achieve something of importance. This moment is the moment that matters now, nothing else. Lucky is he who can preserve this happiness within himself.

Although the present is just a passing moment, it is the world of our perception. This very state is described by the card The Fool.
The Fool

  • His perception of the world does not accord with common sense. The Fool is heading towards his very destination, but he evades the compulsion of normality. He is led by his belief - an infallible guide through the dark.
  • Do not apply your usual thoughts and ideas. The Fool may try to mislead you, but too often he proves that a new approach, the unconventional, the extraordinary will open new ways to happiness and success.

The unknown stream of time flows towards the unstable banks of the future. The card The Moon is suggesting the possible development of plans and hopes

The Moon

  • The Moon exerts its' mutable power with force on nature and mankind. Emotions drift like the tide with the phases of the moon. The Moon is never explaining, remains unclear and distorts reality.
  • You should not decide in a hurry. If the power of The Moon reigns vague ideas displace clear thoughts. Study your dreams and secret wishes. The Moon often reveals tendencies of the unconscious.
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