Saturday, May 27, 2017

3 Card Spread for Shondolyn Gibson 5/27

Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands
 Vitality, Energy, Originality 
 Understanding, Honesty, Intimacy 
 Peace, Understanding, Reconciliation 


The dominant aspect of the past is called Ace of Wands. Try to understand its' nature
Ace of Wands

  • The Ace of Wands represents the very nature of fire itself. It follows the principles of energetic growth, it is the incarnation of strength and development. The phallic symbol signifies how manifold the future will be, that is yet unborn.
  • Act now! Play with your creativity and live for your ideas and dreams. You should not look for cautious compromise but realize your plans and projects. If you take advantage of all your creative potential you will succeed.

Although the present is just a passing moment, it is the world of our perception. This very state is described by the card Love.

  • Love is the most intimate bond between two souls. The two cups are symbols for a steady interchange, a continuous giving and taking in perfect balance. The nature of this card does not know of calculation and deception.
  • Life and Love are an inseparable unity. Give your love joyfully - and never be ashamed to also accept the love that is given to you. Exchange is the only way to keep love alive. If honesty stays strong and dominant there is no room for disappointment.

The unknown stream of time flows towards the unstable banks of the future. The card Temperance is suggesting the possible development of plans and hopes

  • Temperance is the key to harmony and satisfaction. Without profligacy and greed there is room for contentment in psychological and material matters. Temperance realizes possibilities without disappointment.
  • Accept all facets of your life and use your resources prudently. Satisfaction results from what you have got already. Drink from the fountain that you can reach and do not aspire for anything more.

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