Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Celtic Cross Spread for Shondolyn Gibson 4/26/2017

Queen of CoinsKnight of CoinsChangeThe High PriestessAffluence
Queen of CoinsKnight of CoinsChangeThe High PriestessAffluence
    • Reason is represented by the second card drawn in this reading. It is Ambition. Reason is always in latent opposition to the first card, emotion.

      • The Five of Wands signifies a ferocious attempt, that however often fails to succeed. Ambition can unfold enormous powers and - if the situation is favourable - also might lead to success and great satisfaction.
      • Distrust moods and rash ideas. If Ambition carries you away while you are not really prepared for the challenge, waste of energy and frustration will follow. To be ambitious in the right moment is the secret of success.

      Your virtues are described both in quality and structure by the card Queen of Coins. Virtue comprises all the positive and constructive facets of your personality.
      Queen of Coins

      • Tranquil virtue is the noble quality of the Queen of Coins. She is neither living for the spectacular nor longing for risky adventures. Devotion and participation are her characteristics. As her emotions are balanced, she is strong in supporting others.
      • Get rid of oppressive thoughts and dreams about the impossible. Accept yourself and others in order to understand your immediate environment which is forming your life. Spread affection and harvest the fruits of this precious seed.

      Vice is the natural counterpart of Virtue. Here it is Affluence. The negative impact of this card is stronger, if virtue is weak.

      • The Ten of Coins represents the completion of a wealth, that cannot grow any longer for it has reached its' limits. Only the prudent and careful investment of those riches can prevent stagnation and keep the stream of lasting growth flowing.
      • Perceive the plenitude of what you have got. Use your means carefully. Beware - not only squandering but also greed and avarice are harmful. Control your desire for those things that are out of reach for the moment. The time has not come yet.

      Your strength is measured in respect to the question with which you approached the Tarot. The card is called Knight of Coins. Use this strength, as it is the force needed.
      Knight of Coins

      • Strength and flexibility are the characteristics of the Knight of Coins. He acts intelligently and without endless consideration. Usually his affairs are developing soundly and satisfyingly. Only sweet emotions and feelings may confuse him from time to time.
      • Take your chances. With the right actions and decisions you can make this world a better place - doubt and hesitation won't lead you anywhere. However, you should never suppress your feelings. This price would be to high.

      Weakness is the manifestation of scarcity. The energy of the card The High Priestess remains weak and insecure. Weakness does not necessarily come along with negative consequences.
      The High Priestess

      • Like the moon this priestess embodies the very idea of femininity. Her logic is neither cold nor calculating, but tender and full of emotion. Following the path of equilibrium the priestess does not tolerate chaos and rash judgement.
      • Take time to consider things. Try to see more than the obvious rational reasoning and follow your intuition. The example of The High Priestess is imperative: She is acknowledging not only black and white, but all the colourful shades tinting our life.

      The Destiny of your course is shown in the focal point of the Celtic Cross. The synthesis of the drawn cards is Change. Its' quality dominates the struggle of powers.

      • The eternal stream of life is a steady tide of loss and gain. Seeming treasures loose their importance little by little, while time gives birth to new values. These alterations generate experience and multitude. Change prevents stagnation and monotonousness.
      • Do not cling to whatever is about to pass. Take advantage of the change, for there is as much to be gained as can be lost. Welcome the new circumstances and find your approach to them. Even material loss can offer a chance for a change for the better.

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