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Celtic Cross Spread For Stefanie Lacks 3/18/2017

The Cross of the Celts mirrors the abundant variety of fate. With the first two cards you will evaluate the fragile balance between emotion and reason. Card three and four refer to the equally important dichotomy of the human soul: virtue and vice. According to the same logic weakness and strength form a pair of corresponding opposites. In the focal point of these struggling forces lies the destiny of the matter in question.

Page of Swords
Page of Swords
CircumspectionKing of CupsBalanceKnight of WandsSaturation
CircumspectionKing of CupsBalanceKnight of WandsSaturation
Page of Swords

Your emotions are mirrored in the symbolism of the first card. It also stands for the unconscious desires of the psyche. The card is called Page of Swords.

  • The Page of Swords is a strong symbol for activity. As a member of the family of Swords also the Page is dominated by the power of rational thought. His actions are always effective, but often impetuous and insensitive.
  • In emotional issues you should follow the Page of Swords only with great caution. He favours vengeance and lacks sensitivity. If - on the other hand - you are in need of practical or logical advance the help of the Page of Swords is invaluable.

Reason is represented by the second card drawn in this reading. It is Oppression. Reason is always in latent opposition to the first card, emotion.

  • The toiling energy of the element fire has turned itself into the tyranny of Strength. It is not the powerful advance, but a burning circle of endless repetition, leading nowhere. Stubbornness and narrow-mindedness attract bad luck.
  • Try to perceive the circumstances beyond your daily life. The Ten of Wands is a warning to re-orientate as soon as possible. Otherwise you might find yourself limited by borders you have created yourself and that you cannot cross any longer.

Your virtues are described both in quality and structure by the card Circumspection. Virtue comprises all the positive and constructive facets of your personality.

  • The Eight of Coins is a card regarding material issues. Related to emotional topics it symbolizes a careful halt. In practical questions it represents reason, solution of problems and prudent decisions.
  • Analyse your situation before setting off for acting. Especially if time is pressing you should remain calm and avoid rash action. If you plan your steps with consideration there will be a prosperous end to your endeavours.

Vice is the natural counterpart of Virtue. Here it is Saturation. The negative impact of this card is stronger, if virtue is weak.

  • The Ten of Cups marks the end of acquisition. Saturation is the name of this card representing ultimate triumph and success. Sometimes it may though announce a lack of orientation and insecurity - feelings sometimes arising after the completion of a difficult task.
  • Perfect development according to your wishes and intentions is likely. Advance faithfully and optimistically. Do not concentrate all your longing into one single desire. Would not emptiness follow the completion of your dream?
King of Cups

Weakness is the manifestation of scarcity. The energy of the card Knight of Wands remains weak and insecure. Weakness does not necessarily come along with negative consequences.

  • The journey is more important to the brave Knight of Wands than the destination. With unrivalled courage he is accepting the greatest challenges. Alas, as he is often distracted he would not finish what he had begun with a promising commencement.
  • Exploit your talents and use them with motivation. You should never forget, that you have an aim that is worthwhile to be reached, because otherwise you might get stuck. Never play with the emotions of others, just because there is an easy possibility.

The Destiny of your course is shown in the focal point of the Celtic Cross. The synthesis of the drawn cards is Balance. Its' quality dominates the struggle of powers.

  • Disharmonies and inconsistencies disturb the harmony of life. Balance restores the lost equilibrium. It reconciles antagonisms and it is the essence of truthful justice - beyond laws and regulations.
  • Find the way to yourself. If you have to make decisions or judgements try to consider all aspects. If you can identify the root of the disturbance, you will avoid rash judgement and biased evaluations.

Tarot Reading for Joey Knudsen-White 3/18/2017

This reading explores the material side of life. The first card describes the moment - a dimension often associated with money, volatility and liquidity. The second card is looking at the long term and collects long-term gain and obligations, investment and capital. The third card hints at risks and the fourth and last card relates to present opportunities.


The current moment in time is mirrored in the card Strength. This force is not about to last.

  • Strength is dynamic equilibrium in its' purest form: Steady change is stability. Continuous creation is a fountain of strength that will never cease. It is the eternal fire illuminating the universe with abundant energy.
  • Follow your current path. The Nine of Wands is indicating that there is enough power available to succeed with your intentions. Do not be afraid and do not overrate your concerns. In emotional topics Strength suggests security and freedom.

Long-term developments are being hinted at by the card Success. This potential is growing slowly but steadily.

  • A chapter will be closed successfully. There is time to celebrate the advance and to replace labour with enjoyment. After exhaustion and effort and toiling a phase of reward has to follow, in order to instil aristocracy in the achieved labour.
  • Reward the completion of important plans, regardless whether it is your own project or the success of the ones you love. The truthful quality of whatever you may succeed in will become visible only in those moments of merry contemplation.

Risk is part of all human endeavour. In the context of this reading, Affluence is the the predominant factor.

  • The Ten of Coins represents the completion of a wealth, that cannot grow any longer for it has reached its' limits. Only the prudent and careful investment of those riches can prevent stagnation and keep the stream of lasting growth flowing.
  • Perceive the plenitude of what you have got. Use your means carefully. Beware - not only squandering but also greed and avarice are harmful. Control your desire for those things that are out of reach for the moment. The time has not come yet.
King of Swords

Your opportunities are represented by the card King of Swords. Do judge this card considering the other cards of this reading.

  • Acuteness and vitality are the attributes of the King of Swords. His strong mind is free. Nobody is able to influence his reasoned judgement. Thus the power of thought joins the want for action.
  • The King of Swords is a mighty ally. Follow him on his ways of independent thought and realize your ideas. If this king should ever appear as your enemy you should not underestimate him. Get prepared to counteract brilliant plans.

Tarot Reading 3/18/2017

Work and occupation is central to the lives of almost all human beings. The present Work Tarot allows you to ask questions regarding your professional development. The first card of the reading describes your current situation, the second card represents potential obstacles, the third card describes colleagues and co-workers, the fourth card represents your work-related chances and the fifth card offers a summarizing outlook.

The Chariot

The current work sitution is described by the card The Chariot with a quite general notion.

  • Full of strength and movement The Chariot is pure dynamic energy. It is moving restlessly and thus constitutes a symbol of the steady advance of all living things. If running too fast, The Chariot is endangering itself and others.
  • Steer The Chariot with great care. It's strength will take you to your desired destination, if you can assess your potential correctly. The wheels of The Chariot often crush what should have remained unharmed. Control your emotions.

Obstacles, limitations and maybe also problems at work are expressed by the card Growth.

  • A warming flame burns in the very centre of the Four for Wands. It represents sound and organic growth. Its' character is constituted of harmony and security. It is the tamed fire of Prometheus, the secret of the gods.
  • Use the growing force for your ends. Develop your life the way you like it. You should be aware of your abilities. Remember: The Four of Wands is a card of peace and harmony. Utilize its' power for creation, not for conflict.
The Empress

The tarot card The Empress represents the social environment at work and relates to colleagues and superiors.

  • Prosperity and wealth grow in the realm of The Empress. Love is her central attribute. She loves to host guests and cares motherly for her children. Sometimes she is living in prodigal luxury and boundless exaggeration.
  • Enjoy your days and head for satisfaction in everything you do. Do not despair, if your situation seems troubled at the moment. Like The Empress you can attract new spiritual and material wealth with prudent decisions and firm faith in your strength.

With the card Doom you can assess your chances of development at work.

  • The Seven of the Cups is a harbinger of wrong decisions and unfortunate interconnections. It announces a defect of judgement. Where this force enfolds it's power misery is lurking. Reorientation is the cure that can stop the misleading influence.
  • A veil distorts your perception of the waking world. Be careful with your judgement in order to prevent the unpleasant developments at their roots. Check always all the possibilities and ask unbiased friends for their honest advise.
Knight of Coins

The global Outlook for your enquiry is mirrored in the card Knight of Coins.

  • Strength and flexibility are the characteristics of the Knight of Coins. He acts intelligently and without endless consideration. Usually his affairs are developing soundly and satisfyingly. Only sweet emotions and feelings may confuse him from time to time.
  • Take your chances. With the right actions and decisions you can make this world a better place - doubt and hesitation won't lead you anywhere. However, you should never suppress your feelings. This price would be to high.

Tarot reading 2/18/2017

The Triangle is a universal type of reading with a very clear and evident structure. It casts light upon the three elementary dimensions of pastpresent, and future. It follows the wisdom of the Nordic Norns and the Roman Parcae. Choose your question with care - the more precise the approach, the more helpful the answer.


The dominant aspect of the past is called Fortune. Try to understand its' nature

  • The Wheel of Fortune gives and takes - often abundantly, often cruelly. If Fortune arrives surrounded by positive cards, it will be a blessing. Without any promising omen it shall be regarded as a warning. A change of fate is likely.
  • Accept your limits and respect the power of fate. Enjoy the bright days Fortune gives you as a present. Endure the hardships Fortune may have reserved for you with equanimity. Neither luck nor bad luck are steady companions. Do not be afraid of loosing things.


Although the present is just a passing moment, it is the world of our perception. This very state is described by the card Courage.

  • The Seven of Wands is the ardent will to reach an aim in spite of averse circumstances and hindrances. Courageousness will not necessarily win the day, but it is always noble. To the brave the principle is of greater importance than probability.
  • Be faithful to yourself and never surrender your ideals. Courage will provide you with the power you will need in hard times and difficult situations. Nonetheless you should not be disappointed if you fail. There is no guarantee for success.

The unknown stream of time flows towards the unstable banks of the future. The card Harvest is suggesting the possible development of plans and hopes

  • The fertility of the Earth - the element represented by the coins - is at its' peak with the Nine of Coins. The Harvest is done for no other purpose than harvesting. Thus it remains entirely within its' material world.

  • Be confident in questions concerning financial matters and your material situation, for the Coins announce steady income. If you consult the Tarot in emotional matters this card indicates reliable steadiness without severe change.

Tarot reading 3/18/2017

The Healing Tarot explores internal and external factors which may describe jointly interdependencies of our well-being. The first two cards stand for Body and Soul; the other two cards allow you to study the forces working from within and those affecting you from outside.

Health is largely depending on the mind, and the mental-emotive dimension is represented by the card Temperance.

  • Temperance is the key to harmony and satisfaction. Without profligacy and greed there is room for contentment in psychological and material matters. Temperance realizes possibilities without disappointment.
  • Accept all facets of your life and use your resources prudently. Satisfaction results from what you have got already. Drink from the fountain that you can reach and do not aspire for anything more.
The card Defeat describes the physical state, the condition of the body in a holistic way.

  • The power of the Swords is at it's weak point in the Defeat. The aggressive aspect is strong enough in this card to attract mischief and confrontation, but the energy is not strong enough to win new victories.
  • Be careful and fight for your rights and your convictions - if you follow your path with outstanding dedication you might achieve your ends in spite of a lack of favourable circumstances. Where Defeat looms, scarcity is a reliable harbinger.
Internal forces are made evident by the card Abundance. Those are the forces from within which influence well-being and health.

  • As a positive aspect Abundance results in charity and care. On the other hand it may exceed, and spoil a noble attitude. Affection may transform itself into paternalism.

  • Observe yourself and try to love and give and share without being selfish at the very core of your heart. You shall neither long for applause nor for recognition. If emotion and mind rest in harmony, abundance will be a blessing for all.
Queen of Wands
The external forces manifest in the card Queen of Wands are having effect on the metabolism from the outside.

  • Filled with the pure quality of the element fire the Queen of Wands is an archaic symbol of female instinct and strength. Her temper leads to the peaks of emotion and sensation. She follows her intuition and trusts solely in her own judgement.
  • Live with the beautiful power of the Queen of Wands. If she is present you can reach emotional peaks and enjoy ultimate satisfaction. Do not easily accept the decisions of others and do not loose courage, if you are convinced of yourself.

Autism Acceptance Is...

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Stop putting disabled minors in adult prisons in NC!

Stop Putting Children with
Disabilities in Prison with Adults

Children with disabilities make up the vast majority of the
youth in our criminal justice system. Because of their
disabilities, these kids are often extra impressionable and
prone to making impulsive decisions.

As a result, at least two-thirds of the youth in the criminal
justice system have a disability, and the actual number is
probably much higher. Of the 200 children in North
Carolina’s juvenile facilities, only one child does NOT have
a mental health diagnosis. Over 80 percent of those children
have two or more disabilities.

Our current approach is broken. Children with disabilities have a hard enough time getting
housing, education, and employment as they transition into adulthood. Because 16- and 17-
year-olds are automatically charged as adults in North Carolina, saddling these kids with the
1,000 “collateral consequences” of having an adult criminal record sets them up for failure,
increases their future reliance on government assistance, and makes it more likely that they
will resort to future criminal activity.

Adult prisons and jails are not safe for kids with disabilities. When minors are
incarcerated with adults, they are far more likely to commit suicide and be assaulted or raped.
In jails, minors are the victims of over 20 percent of the sexual violence, even though they
make up less than 1 percent of the inmates. They are 50 percent more likely to be attacked by
another inmate with a weapon, and twice as likely to be physically assaulted by staff. And
given the high levels of gang activity in our adult correctional system, the last thing we
should be doing is putting vulnerable kids with disabilities in prison with adults.

Raising the age results in better outcomes and saves taxpayers money. Unlike in the adult
system, the juvenile system requires frequent contact with court counselors, assessments,
rehabilitative services, mental health and substance abuse treatment, counseling, education,
and family involvement. Kids with disabilities who get caught up in the system desperately
need these basic supports in order to avoid future recidivism. When they are put back on
track, our kids can grow into independent, law-abiding, contributing members of society.
Beyond these social benefits, studies and current data suggest that raising the age will provide
a net savings of tens of millions of dollars to North Carolina’s taxpayers each year.

Diagnoses Affected:
 Low IQ
 Serious Intellectual Disabilities
 Traumatic Brain Injury
 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
 Bi-Polar Disorder
 Clinical Depression
 Psychosis & Schizophrenia
 Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
 Drug Addiction
 History of Physical, Emotional,
& Sexual Abuse

Friday, March 3, 2017

10 Year old Autistic Boy In Florida Restrained And Injured By Sheriff's Deputy During a Meltdown

2017 Disability Day of Mourning Nash county

The Autistic Students & Allies of Nash County receiving a certificate of appreciation from Jefferey Walston of the Rocky Mount Mayor's Commission on Persons with Disabilities
Dear community members:
We, the Rocky Mount Mayor's Commission on Persons with Disabilities denounce violence against disabled citizens by their family members or caregivers. We advocate for sensitivity from the media in how these acts of violence against disabled people are portrayed. We seek justice and equal protection under the law for every disabled citizen. The victims of these acts should not be disrespected in any way. Today the Rocky Mount Mayor's Commission on Persons with Disabilities join hands with the disabled community from around the country to support the 2017 Disability Day of Mourning Respectfully, Rocky Mount Mayor's Commission on Persons with Disabilities.

City of Rocky Mount North Carolina Recognizes and honors The Mayor's Commission on Persons with Disabilities In Appreciation For It's Support of the National Disability Day of Mourning