Monday, January 23, 2017

Important ideas for moving forward in the era of Trump

1: COLLECTIVIZE EVERYTHING: We need medical collectives that go beyond first aid and street safety, we need self defence collectives, food and clothing production and distribution collectives, etc etc etc. We must start building infrastructure and supporting each other outside of the capitalist paradigm.

2: DO LEGAL SUPPORT FOR PEOPLE WHO GET ARRESTED, ESPECIALLY THOSE MORE RADICAL THAN YOU: Historically, anarchists and other anti-capitalist anti-authoritarians have fundraised and supported the actions and legal defence teams of liberals and progressives. We no longer have the time or resources to do that. It's our turn. 

3. PHYSICALLY DEFEND PEOPLE OF MARGINALIZED COMMUNITIES: Use your privilege to keep others safe. whether that means going to the store with them or punching nazis in the face.

We must constantly resist the idea that genocidal fascist and capitalist ideologies are in any way to be debated. they must be destroyed. Likewise, it is critical that we shatter the narrative that those who participate in active resistance are somehow morally responsible for state repression. Do  not let people get away with framing BLM, INDIGENOUS WARRIORS, ANTIFA, ETC as the enemy. The true enemy is the social order that has created a white supremacist fascist hell that seeks to destroy every bit of liberty we fight so hard for.

5: FIGHT HOW YOU CAN: Every act of resistance matters. Social media, in the streets, at home. Staying alive and as healthy as possible is resistance. Punching nazis in the face is resistance. Standing up to the fascist police state is resistance. Don't overextend yourself, and do not ever imply that those who engage in their resistance in a way that is different or more/less militant than yours (assuming similar goals of course) are somehow morally inferior. We are in this for the long haul and it is imperative that we take care of ourselves. Supporters and those in the streets need to remember that neither would be effective without the other, and every person's role, however they choose to engage, is vital.

6: NEVER  SNITCH: This one is self explanatory. Don't sell out anyone on our team. This includes taking pictures of faces at demos, theorizing about who may have done what "illegal" act, and other forms of soft snitching.

7: BE STEADFAST: This is going to be a long and bumpy road. You will get scared, demoralized and hopeless many many times. But there is light in the darkness, and we are making it grow.