Monday, December 12, 2016

Onward to Appalachian state university!

I read an article that was making the rounds about how minor inconveniences to people with money can be major hassles to poor folks. Trying to save up for our move is not going to be easy with all of the incidental expenses we accrue during the month.

For example neither my wife or I have a drivers license and with all the money we've spent on transportation since we first moved in together we could have saved up for a car, and our washer broke down and before too much longer we'll have spent more at the laundromat than it would cost to buy a new washer but we can't stop washing clothes long enough to.

Transportation and laundry is taking a big bite out of our budget and making it harder for us to save up for our move next year so if you can spare a few bucks to help our family with our day to day expenses that will help us to be able to start saving up for this move so I we can move my out to Boone so I can take my place at Appalachian state to study social work. If we can't make this move I'll have to put my schooling on hold so if you can help in any way we'd really appreciate it. Thank you to everyone who has believed in me and supported and encouraged me during my time in college.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Only In America Would We Give Thanks For What We Have 1 Day, And Go And Trample People To Death To Buy More The Next Day.

Big Warm Consensual Cyberhugs to all my  friends who need it because I know this time of year is hard for a lot of people. I would welcome everyone who felt like they didn't have a safe place to come if I could. You would always be welcome to be exactly who you are around me because I enjoy the rich tapestry of life and believe that together we can help each other to do the best that we can while we're trapped in these flesh prisons.

I'm not counting on the electoral college to overturn the vote and even if they did it's going to take more than electoral politics for liberation. We need to start thinking about how to offer one another mutual aid to feed shelter and clothe ourselves in case of massive unrest. There is already a global network of activists who feed folks for free called Food Not Bombs. Food Not Bombs used to be a regular part of my activist calendar when I working with FNB Norfolk and FNB Virginia Beach when I lived in Virginia.

I am going to be studying social work at Appalachian in 2017 and as part of my thesis I want to do something inspired by the queer land project, which was a thing where some folks in West Virginia crowd sourced money for some land to build houses for queer POC in the West Virginia mountains. I want to start
a popular education centre where  POC,  and first nations and undocumented and disabled folks can have a place to live and organize for justice.  I just hope that the Trumpstapo doesn't start disappearing college students before I'm done and take me away, but as long as I am around I will work ceaselessly to make this vision a reality and offer something to the world that will outlast any of this nonsense that's going on right now.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Dear fellow Americans we need to have a reckoning.

Dear fellow Americans we need to have a reckoning. There is a chance that the collapse of western society may happen during our life time. I think the time for fence sitting is over because we are going to have to make a choice right now. Do we allow the reactionary forces that seek to roll back the progress our country has made take over without a fight or do we give them hell and go down fighting? All these folks talking about give him a chance have the least to lose.

The speed and ferocity that they are coming after health care concerns me. This is much more than just an ideological disagreement they are actually putting peoples lives in danger because without public health care options poor people are going to die. We need to crip the vote even harder and push back so hard against this that any politician who supports cutting public health care options wont have a job after the next election. This is an issue that goes beyond party lines because there are poor old people of all political persuasions. There would be a revolt at the ballot box by the poor rural people who bought Trumps populist rhetoric because they are the ones who depend on public health care programs more than just about any other demographic. It all depends on how much pressure we can put on our representatives to oppose and drastic changes to medicare or medicaid.

So fuck all these liberals talking about give him a chance or let's work together. I refuse to work together with anyone who looks down on disabled people. I'm not here to make friends I'm here to get free.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread 11/14//2016

Knight of Cups
Knight of Cups
The Emperor
Page of Swords
The Emperor
Page of Swords
King of Wands
King of Wands


Your emotions are mirrored in the symbolism of the first card. It also stands for the unconscious desires of the psyche. The card is called Knight of Cups.
  • The Knight of Cups is leading the life of an artist and a free thinker. He is driven by passion and not by need. He attracts change and movement. The Prince is creating novel things with ease - but his unsteady character prevents him from settling anywhere.
  • Enjoy your creativity and develop it. Shape your environment, for you are the very centre of your world. However, do never forget that you have to respect also the rights of others. Exaggerated jauntiness may cause great grief.
Knight of Cups
King of Wands

Reason is represented by the second card drawn in this reading. It is King of Wands. Reason is always in latent opposition to the first card, emotion.
  • Passion rules the character of this mighty card. This king pursues his aims recklessly. Often his ideas are irrational and dominated by high emotions. The King of Wands accepts the challenge and fights until the prize is in his hands.
  • Let yourself go - feel the heat and the passion and the fire in yourself. Never surrender, for you are supposed to be self-conscious and proud of yourself. If your expectations are not irrationally high, the King of Wands will accompany to the top.

Your virtues are described both in quality and structure by the card Temperance. Virtue comprises all the positive and constructive facets of your personality.
  • Temperance is the key to harmony and satisfaction. Without profligacy and greed there is room for contentment in psychological and material matters. Temperance realizes possibilities without disappointment.
  • Accept all facets of your life and use your resources prudently. Satisfaction results from what you have got already. Drink from the fountain that you can reach and do not aspire for anything more.
Page of Swords

Vice is the natural counterpart of Virtue. Here it is Page of Swords. The negative impact of this card is stronger, if virtue is weak.
  • The Page of Swords is a strong symbol for activity. As a member of the family of Swords also the Page is dominated by the power of rational thought. His actions are always effective, but often impetuous and insensitive.
  • In emotional issues you should follow the Page of Swords only with great caution. He favours vengeance and lacks sensitivity. If - on the other hand - you are in need of practical or logical advance the help of the Page of Swords is invaluable.

Your strength is measured in respect to the question with which you approached the Tarot. The card is called Torment. Use this strength, as it is the force needed.
  • The proper order of the world is heavily distorted within the Five of Coins. Harmony is shattered and old rules and conventions are not valid any longer. Labour loses sense and worth, if a continuous flow of obstacles inhibits advance.
  • Focus carefully and be attentive to whatever you do. Even trusted experience may lead you into the dark. Observe the development of your surroundings until you have learned all about the relevant mechanism. Head for your aims only after assuring that your endeavours will be crowned by success.

Weakness is the manifestation of scarcity. The energy of the card Virtue remains weak and insecure. Weakness does not necessarily come along with negative consequences.
  • The Three of Wands combines willpower with self-control - thus it results in virtue. The certainty of righteousness creates security and tranquillity. Enhancing self-consciousness Virtue is a silent but powerful force.
  • Live according to your convictions in order to be in consonance with the universe. The strength of the soul guarantees a satisfactory balance of body and soul. Virtue is an important precondition for collaboration and cooperation.

The Destiny of your course is shown in the focal point of the Celtic Cross. The synthesis of the drawn cards is The Emperor. Its' quality dominates the struggle of powers.
  • Discovery and regulation of the unknown is the central characteristic of The Emperor. Although he pursues these goals peacefully he is not always free of belligerence, ambition, and vanity. The Emperor lives a material life.
  • Do not hesitate - act, if you want to achieve something. The Emperor asks for rational, well-founded decisions. With the vast and generous support of the emperor you may feel strong in any conflict. Be careful though in order not to be guided by fiery temper or lust for vengeance.
The Emperor

Friday, November 4, 2016

This is why I'm willing to crack some skulls when it comes to protecting my children.

I'm going to warn you this is a true story  and it is a sordid tale that involves mother father and son swingers, and paedophile land lords, and abusive narcissists. So if any of that stuff bothers you you may not want to read this, but this is why I am willing to crack some skulls when it comes to protecting my kids.

My wife's ex husband was an unstable and violent domestic abusing narcissist who not only made her and her children s lives miserable for 10 years, and he continues to make the children's lives miserable when they have to go over there for their bi-monthly visitation every other weekend. This guy has more issues than a 100 year subscription. He is 30 something years old and lives in a trailer park right next to his parents and right around the corner from the house of his baby mama that he knocked up right before my wife left him.

The property manager of the trailer park is a convicted paedophile who one day during the summer took my step daughter for a joy ride on a riding mower while nobody else knew where she was. The only reason we found out was because she left the trailer home and nobody could find her and she got in trouble for it and told us. For all I know he could have been getting his jollies with her riding on his lap. I told the police what happened and had them pay him a visit since he was still on the sex offender registry just so he would know that we were keeping our eye on him and that he better not put his hands on our children ever again.

Back to my wife's ex husband. I had never seen this level of dysfunction in a family before. When they were married she would swing with him even though she wasn't really into it because she  wanted the companionship of another woman because her husband was abusive. The straw that broke the camels back was when he tried to get her to swing with some people that his mom and dad had swung with, and after that she hit rock bottom and decided to leave him.

So as you can see that is why I'm so fierce when it comes to protecting my kids because they depend on me and I don't want to let them down. I've pioneered a new school of social justice. I am the social justice berserker. If you go after my family you will feel the full wrath of our Danish viking ancestors when I split your skull open with a battle axe. I'm that serious about protecting my family.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

If your idea of inclusion doesn't include poor folks than you are not very inclusive.

I don't think I'm very interested in the mainstream autistic rights movement any more. Don't get me wrong I'm still going to fight for autistic people I'm just tired of investing my time and energy into organizations just to find out that they don't really give a shit about me because I don't have money to donate or the connections to get them free publicity. I don't care what people think about me, I care about freedom for autistic people. It's not going to come by begging people in power to stop discriminating against us, it's going to take building our own organizations and our own communities outside of the non-profit industrial complex where we can collaborate with one another to solve our problems rather than waiting for permission from non-profit boards who are more worried about their funding than they are about the people they claim to want to help.

I don't want charity. Charity is what bougie people do every year to feel good about themselves and to get tax write off's. I don't want charity what I want is solidarity. I want people who are willing to join me as equals on the front lines to fight for our liberation and our lives. The organization I founded has no budget whatsoever, but that has forced me to be more creative when it comes to how I reach people. I've got people emailing me all the time asking me questions and it doesn't take money to share what I've learned with people. As a chronically unemployed autistic living well below the poverty line I'm really sick of this bougie mentality in the autism activist community that you have to be able to afford to go to conferences in order to be considered a serious scholar because it leaves people like me out who don't have the resources to participate in events that cost money, I'd love nothing more than to be able to afford to travel around and learn more about autism, but when you have a family of 4 living on 1 SSI check a month that doesn't leave you with much more than what you need to survive. So yeah fuck all those bougie mother fuckers who look down on me because I'm poor. In case you hadn't noticed only 17.5 percent of disabled people were employed in 2015 and that's the entire disability community. If you take a look at how many of those people are autistic the number would probably be lower. If you claim to be about inclusion but you're not doing anything to address the rampant poverty in our community which excludes people then GTFO of my face with that BS.

Friday, October 28, 2016

My daughter rocks!

So there was this thing that my daughters Kindergarten class did where they get to dress up in their Halloween costumes and walk around down-town and go trick or treating. We passed a yard where they had a Trump Pence sign and while all the other kids were worried about getting candy my daughter was like eww they must like Donald Trunk, I don't like Donald Trunk because he's mean to women, brown people and disabled people and that's not nice.

She's only 5 but she has absolutely no problem how she feels. I worry about her because she's one of those people that wants to make everyone happy and that's not always possible. I don't want her to feel like there is something wrong with her if she can't make friends with everyone. She is opinionated and I'm trying to foster a sense of self esteem so she never loses the ability to tell people how she feels. It's expected for boys to be opinionated, but if a girl is opinionated she gets made fun of for being bossy.

It hasn't been easy building the kids back up after they left their abusive biological father but I will never stop trying because even though our family can be dysfunctional at times my wife and children will always come first in my life. They are the reason I am going to school to pursue a degree in social work, because it is a field where I could make a living out of doing the things I've already been doing for myself and for my children for free. This is my chance to secure my financial future so that I can help to provide a home for my family. I don't do what I do to earn brownie points or kudos, I do it because I made an oath to my partner that I would stay with her as long as I was alive and I intend on keeping that oath.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Don't Hate Inoculate!

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION]: Black and white illustrated hypodermic syringe with the text "Don't hate inoculate!"
I've got a new design up at my teepublic store. For the next 48 hours all short sleeve tee shirts with the new design will be on sale for $14.00 before they go up to the regular price of $20.00

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Saturday, October 22, 2016

If you're wondering why I'm so angry read this shit...

I had to wake up to this bullshit this morning.

 "The correlation between GMOs, vaccines, and autism has not been disproven. Improved diagnosis is an alternative hypothesis that has not been proven. Brenda didn't write "evolutionary regression." She just wrote regression, which is a bad choice of words. Autism has its benefits, but autistic people need help from people who function in a more conventional way. I saw a film about an autistic man who creates brilliant artwork. His work is selling well, so he is providing his finances, but he needs people to feed, bathe, and clothe him. Not every case is a savant, but any discussion of autism that does not address the savant is remiss at best. Few severely autistic people have gifts that can provide for their financial needs. I have a back condition called ankylosing spondylitis. It is like a mild form of MS. I do not think of it as "muscular diversity", I think it is a modest disability. Every limitation can be an opportunity, but there are also special needs. If too many people had my problem, we would never survive. The stigmatization of diseases and disabilities is a serious problem. Denial is no solution. If you make one more post like this, I can no longer be your friend on Facebook. If you want to discuss it further, I invite you to visit Birginia Beach where you can say those things to my face." 

 And this was my response:

“Yes regression was a bad choice of words and that's one of the reasons why I was insulted. That and your friend claimed that it was my fault that my child didn't develop typically because I can't afford to feed them a completely organic diet free of processed foods. That insulted me because my family of 4 is living off of less than 9k dollars a year and we eat organic when we can, but we can't afford organic food all the time. She kept saying that organic food is cheaper but that's BS I have never been to a grocery store where organic food was cheaper. So not only did she insult me and my son for being autistic she insulted my family for being poor. So excuse me for being angry. Not only do I have to deal with people giving me shit for being autistic all the time I have to deal with people shaming me for being poor and I'm not just going to sit back and take it any more. I'm probably just the angry autistic person in your eyes, but you don't see what I have to put up with on a daily basis. My family and I have been harassed and assaulted out in public just because we are different and I'm not going to take it from someone who claims to be an ally. You are misrepresenting the neurodiversity paradigm. We do not deny that we are disabled we just expect to be treated with the same respect and dignity that neurotypical people are and to be given the same chance to be included in society as everyone else.

I haven't read the research on GMO's and autism, but I know for a fact that the autism vaccine link has been debunked. Do you know how empiricism works Jack? When you write a paper in a peer reviewed journal that allows other researchers to duplicate the study. If they can't duplicate the study then you can't say that one thing caused the other. Nobody has been able to duplicate the results of Andrew Wakefield experiment on autism and vaccines because he is an unethical fraud who gamed the data and didn't disclose his conflicts of interest. He was being paid for his research by a law firm who had filed a class action lawsuit against the maker of the MMR vaccine and he also had connections to a manufacturer who was trying to get the old MMR vaccine off off the market so they could use theirs instead. If you don't want to be my friend that's fine, but I'm not just going to sit back and let people spread lies about autism. Correlation does not = causation. Anyone with a basic understanding of statistical methods knows that. Sure there may be a strong correlation between vaccines and autism but that's not enough to say that vaccines are the cause. If you don't understand basic statistics then I don't see the point in having this conversation with you.

You know what else has a strong correlation? There is a 99.79% correlation between US spending on science space and technology and suicides by hanging suffocation and strangulation. There is a 99.26% correlation between the divorce rate in Maine and per capita margarine consumption. There is a 98.51% correlation between revenue generated by arcades and computer science doctorates awarded in the US. And obviously none of those things caused the other. Just because there is a strong correlation between vaccines and autism doesn't mean that vaccines cause autism. Nobody has been able to reproduce the results of Wakefields experiment because vaccines do not cause autism. If you can't accept that fact then I don't think I can be friends with you anymore because you are contributing to the stigma against autism.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Unpopular Opinion Time

It's unpopular opinion time. As some of you all know I am a former volunteer chapter coordinator for Autistic Self-Advocacy Network in Nash County North Carolina. I parted ways with them because I felt like their organization was too top heavy and impersonal and I didn't feel valued by the organization and I didn't feel like I had much autonomy as a chapter leader and that I was expected to do what I was told or I would be kicked out of the organization. I cut my activist teeth in anti-authoritarian organizations that were structured horizontally and based on consensus such as food not bombs and occupy. I don't want to have to take orders from above I want to collaborate with people as equals to find solutions to our common struggles. I volunteered because When I was new I was hoping I would get some kind of leadership development and materially support out of the deal but I tried talking to people and asking questions and asking for help but everyone else seemed so wrapped up in their own projects that nobody with experience seemed to want to offer me any advice and when I had the mother of all meltdowns on the day of mourning I decided that it was time to part ways because I felt like I was disposable to an organization that claims to want to improve the lives of autistic people so I resigned my position and started my own organization whose goal is to disseminate accurate information on autism and other neuro divergences so that my family doesn't have to keep fighting just to get people to treat us with respect and dignity. Working with Finn Gardiner, Julia Bascom, and Kris Guin and Ianthe MB Dempsey and Savannah Nicole Logsdon-Breakstone was a good learning experience and even though we are no longer affiliated I still appreciate the work you all are doing to improve the lives of autistic folks. I'm still a little bummed that I didn't get my letter from president Obama for the day of mourning but I'll get over it because I didn't do it for the recognition I did it because it was something that needed to be done. People need to know what disabled people have to go through because then maybe they'll realize that we aren't lying when we say that ableism kills.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

War Is A Racket

Don't believe all the media hype about Russian hackers interfering with our election. The media is trying to push us into another cold war with Russia, and with what's going on in Syria that cold war would have a very good chance of going hot. If it weren't for the Russian hackers we'd have no proof that our country is aiding Daesh and leading us to another pointless war with a nuclear armed nation just so we can install a puppet regime in Syria to sell us oil in petrodollars. If we are going to tackle the problem of war we are going to have to divest of the military industrial complex to the point where it's no longer profitable. Conscientious objectors are going to have to give up their careers in the military and speak out about the injustice that is being done to the world on behalf of the United States. There are a lot of veterans I know that are waking up and realizing that they aren't fighting for what they thought they were when they first signed up. I think that besides making the defence industry non-profitable we as a nation are going to have to redefine the concept of patriotism. It's not patriotic to send people out to protect the economic interests of the global elite. It's not patriotic to have war veterans coming home so shell shocked that they are committing suicide in record numbers because they are being denied health by the country who sent them to war in the first place. Defending your country is patriotic, but the most dangerous people in the world aren't the Iraqi Syrian or Afghani people. The most dangerous people are the American people because we are being used by our government to fund these wars on behalf of the global financial elite. We are literally playing Russian roulette with a nuclear armed country all in the name of profit for the military industrial complex.My father was an airborne ranger in the US army and people think just because I've never served that I don't know what I'm talking about, but I have a more intimate knowledge of the military industrial complex than most people do since I was raised in a special forces family. My father was involved in the US led coup in 2003 in Haiti to oust Jean-Bertrand Aristide who was the first democratically elected president in the history of Haiti. That just goes to show you that the media is lying when it tries to tell you that America wants to bring freedom and democracy to the rest of the world. We need to revitalize the anti-war movement because after Obama got elected it's like people forgot that there are still poor people of color dying all over the world in the name of US capitalism. Like the marine corps major general Smedley Butler once said, "War is a racket".

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I will never stop fighting to leave this world a better place than I found it.

My family and I live in USDA rural development housing and just yesterday we had an inspection by the USDA people from D.C. They only come once every 3 years and this has been our first USDA inspection and as far as we know we passed the inspection.

The USDA housing has been a great help because it's given my partner and I a safe place to establish our family. We have always payed our rent on time and been good tenants and our complex manager likes us and wants to see us be able to afford our own home one day. she suggested that we look into rural Development  grants and low interest home loans for low income folks who want to buy their own home.

 We plan on moving to western NC by fall semester of 2017 if I get accepted to Appalachian State. Cost of living is higher there and it's going to take all the help we can get if we ever hope to own our own home in Boone. I feel like if we don't do this now we'll never get the chance to.

My partner has really brought out the best in me and although our family can be dysfunctional at times we know that we really love each other. This is why I do what I do, I don't want to be some superstar activist I just want to make sure that I can provide for my children both materially and emotionally. I'm always trying to improve because I never feel like I'm doing enough for my kids because I'm cranky all the time from constantly being anxious and I'm having a hard time attending to their emotional needs because I am constantly on edge with anxiety about having to take care of their materially needs. I'm horribly out of balance with myself and I'm trying to find a way to change it. I think moving to the mountains would help me to get over this hump in my recovery from anxiety and depression. No matter how exhausted I get I will never stop fighting for my family. They are all that I have in this world and I'm going to stick by them no matter what.

Monday, September 5, 2016

We Can Live Without Gasoline, But We Can't Live Without Water! #NoDAPL

The other day the Dakota Access pipeline blockade at Standing Rock was attacked by private security guards sent on behalf of the oil company trying to build the pipeline. The company that is responsible for this barbaric attack against these peaceful water protectors must know that this is not acceptable. I looked up the phone number to their corporate office and I'm trying to organize a call in so we can flood the lines with people telling them that we would rather have clean drinking water than cheap gas, because water is essential for life and gas is not.
Here is the contact information for investors relations. Let's flood their offices with calls of support for the indigenous resistors so that they know that we are behind them and that they wont stop us from protecting life giving resources. We can live without gas, but we can't live without water!  

 Investor Relations

8111 Westchester Drive
Dallas, TX 75225

Also: Information on the private security company that attacked the water protectors yesterday. Please feel free to give them a call. New info: The 'security' company is identified: 10-Code LLC, is a North Dakota Petroleum Council member. "Unicorn Riot has learned that the Bismarck, ND based security company “10-Code LLC” has been retained by Energy Transfer to provide the physical means to attempt forcing through this construction project; local community members believe DAPL jeopardizes their future survival by increasing risk of catastrophic environmental damage to the Missouri River basin. 10-Code LLC is registered with the North Dakota Private Investigation and Security Board. Its info: Kilde, Steven PI# 547 Agency# 830 10-Code, LLC 539 Airport Road Bismarck, ND 58504 Phone # 701-425-2771

I want to take Labor Day To Raise Awareness About Poverty In The Disability Community

According to the bureau of labour statistics in 2015 only 17.5 % of disabled people were employed as compared to 65% of the abled population. This means that for every 100 disabled people looking for a job only 17 of them could find a job, and out of those 17 that could find a job we don't know how many of them are underpaid and still have to rely on government assistance to get by. Poverty is a serious issue in the disability community.

I live in USDA rural development housing with my wife and 2 kids and off of a 8,800 dollars a year SSI income. If we save over the asset cap we lose the SSI and have no income at all. If we try to save up for a car then we will be penalized and without the SSI and subsidized housing we would be homeless. I am grateful that we have enough to provide for our family while I figure out how I'm going to make it in this world as an autistic man with a neurodivergent family.

This labor day I want to take the time to thank all the people that are out there tirelessly working to make this world a better place for disabled people trying to find their way in an ableist world. I am thankful to know so many people who aren't just willing to accept things the way that they are, because I'm not willing to just accept things the way that they are either.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Updated List Of Supplies Needed At The Standing Rock Pipeline Blockade

Needed Supplies
  • Tents

  • Banners, sheets 

  • Battery-AA, D, C



  • Cigarettes-Marlboro reds and camels

  • Folding tables



  • Lanterns, flashlights, LED lights


  • Lighter, matches


  • Material for tobacco ties (All Colors)





  • Rain coats, ponchos

  • Ropes, Tie Downs

  • Solar chargers for electronic devices

  • Solar panels, inverter


  • Sweaters (ESP. XL-3X)


  • Tarps

  • Tipi and Tipi poles 

  • Walkie talkies, CB radios

  • Water buffalo 

  • Water Jugs

  • Work gloves, all sizes



    SHIP TO:
    Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
    attn: Johnelle Leingang
    North Standing Rock Ave
    Fort Yates, North Dakota, 58538


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Update On My Daughters Transportation Situation

Transportation advocacy is important for people such as my family who don't have a vehicle and have to make sure our kids get to school. This is an update on my daughters transportation situation. We have had our paediatrician fax her sensory integration disorder diagnosis to the school so we can go ahead and call a meeting to write up her 504 plan. We have 2 things we want in the plan and that is to get her on the disabled bus with her brother because the big bus would be too loud for her and she's very kinestetic so she bounces around a lot and needs a monitor to keep her from hurting herself while she's on the bus, and we want to get her in with the OT at school so we don't have to worry about transportation to the OT at the hospital all the way across the county.

I am lucky that I know what I am doing because some parents wouldn't know an IEP from a 504. I can't imagine how frustrating it is for someone to navigate the system who has never done it before. We're lucky we have a good team at our school and the staff knows us by name because we are so involved. Things are getting taken care of but as usual with government beuracracy they make you jump through hoops but when it comes to my family I'm going to jump through every hoop they can throw at me because I'm going to make sure my families needs are met and that their rights are respected by any means necessary. Believe that!!

Monday, August 29, 2016

If You Want To Raise Awareness About Autism Here Is Something Simple You Can do.

This post is in response to that ridiculous autism awareness stunt at the grocery store with the glass case. If you want to raise awareness about autism how about you donate to the Joshua White Autism Awareness Fund that will to raise awareness about the rampant unemployment in the autistic and greater disability communities. According to the Bureau of labor stats in 2015 only 17.5% of the disabled population in the united states was employed compared to 65% of the non-disabled population. And there's no way to tell how many out of those 17.5% that were employed how many were underemployed and still had to rely on assistance programs to make ends meet.

I have 2000 dollars in credit card debt I want to pay before I graduate this semester and transfer to Appalachian state to pursue my masters of social work. In order to continue my education I want to pay off my debt and save enough for a car and our move but it's impossible for me to find a job because I live in a rural county  and neither my partner nor I have a drivers license or a car. I have to pay 12 dollars a ticket for the paratransit and I couldn't afford to go back and forth to school and work every day even if I could find a job.

So all you awareness freaks can help me raise awareness about the rampant unemployment rate in the disability community by donating your money to the Joshua White Autism Awareness Fund to help give a low income college student the chance to move his family to continue his education and make his vision for a therapeutic horse riding camp for disabled people come true

Tranportation And Mobility Advocacy

I want to talk about transportation advocacy. The transportation administration for my daughters school is acting like it's optional for them to put my daughter on the disabled bus with her brother even though she has a documented disability.

I'm also sick of medicaid transport refusing to help us get our daughter to her OT appointments that they sent her to. The only place we can get her seen is in another county and my wife and I don't have a car so we can't get her there and medicaid refuses to do anything about it.

So I'm about to get on the horn with the school bus people and with the medicaid transport people and handle my business because I am going to do my best to make sure that my families needs are met according to the law.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Donations Needed At Standing Rock


Donations Needed!


Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
attn: Johnelle Leingang
North Standing Rock Ave
Fort Yates, North Dakota, 58538

Friday, August 19, 2016

Gamma Beta Phi collecting donations for Louisiana flood victims

Donation Items for South Louisiana Flood Victims

Gamma Beta Phi members, advisors, alumni and friends,

At the beginning of the week an email was sent out requesting assistance for south Louisiana due to Great Flood of 2016, which is now the worst natural disaster in the US since Hurricane Sandy in 2012. My heart is filled with joy seeing all of the email replies with individual members and chapters wanting to offer assistance. Here is a list of items that can be collected and donated:
  • Cleaning supply items: buckets, bleach, cleaning detergent, mops, Shockwave for mold, mops, brooms, paper towels, large garbage bags, rubber gloves, masks, scrub brushes, scouring pads, sponges, and air fresheners
  • Hygiene products: toiletries, hand sanitizer, shampoo, conditioner, bar soap, hand soap, adult diapers, disposable razors, shaving cream, feminine hygiene products and toilet paper
  • Baby products: diapers for babies, baby wipes, baby food, baby formula, sippy cups and bottles
  • Animal products: pet cages, kennels, leashes, collars, pet food, and cat litter
  • Food items: bottled water and nonperishable food items
  • Clothes of all types and sizes
  • School supplies of all kinds
  • Gift cards in $20 amounts for Target and Wal-Mart
Gamma Beta Phi National Headquarters is asking that anyone who wants to donate items to be sent to south Louisiana to assist those in need, please send these collected items to National Headquarters. The address is:
Gamma Beta Phi
99E Midway Lane
Oak Ridge, TN 37830

We are hopeful that many of these items can be collected soon, as many local stores cannot keep up with demand of these supplies. We would like to request that anyone who can donate in the next two weeks, please send in items to National Headquarters so that they can be delivered to the affected areas as soon as possible. The efforts to recover will take months at best, so any donations collected and sent after this two week time frame will still be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all for any assistance you can provide.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

A quick note to my colleagues.

I just wanted to write a quick note to all my colleagues. I take my commitment to neurodiversity scholarship very seriously and I will always strive to be ethical and fair in all of my dealings with people. There are far to many people out there with ulterior motives who want to take advantage of people. When you ask for help on a project the way to get a good team behind you is to be honest and trustworthy and make each of your team members feel like their contribution is appreciated it. I plan on going to graduate school and I want to gain a reputation as someone who is capable of analysing data as objectively as possible. My goal is to make myself an asset to the school I go to so that I can get as much scholarship money as I possibly can so I can cut down on my education expenses after I run out of pell grants. So know that if you ever chose to work on a project with me that you can always expect that my work will be as intellectually rigorous as possible. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read what I have to say. I want to be able to keep learning how to make the world a better place for neurodivergent people such as my family. I've learned so much having to go to bat for my children to make sure they get a proper education. My son has come a long way thanks to his mother. The early intervention helped him go from non-verbal to verbal. They taught him sign language and he spoke in sign language and echolalia until he was 5 and then he started learning how to say the words. Everything I do I'm doing to  family and they are very important to me and that's why I take what I do so seriously. I want to connect with other people who are serious about learning to make the world a better place for neurodivergent folks.

Neurodiversity Love

I'm an unemployed college student living off of SSI and started a store that sells neurodiversity themed merchandise to help supplement my income so I can afford to move my family after I graduate from community college and transfer to pursue my masters of social work. next year.

I just added a new design Neurodiversity Love! Check it out at

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Friday, August 5, 2016

Celebrate you!

My Name is Joshua White. I am the founder and VP of the Autistic Students & Allies of Nash Community College in Rocky Mount North Carolina. My partner and I are caretakers of 2 neurodivergent children and I am getting ready to graduate with my Associates and transfer to Appalachian State University to pursue my Masters of Social Work in the spring of 2017. Due to mobility issues I have been unable to find any work in town. I started an online store selling neurodiversity themed merchandise and my original artwork in order to supplement my income so I can take care of my financial obligations in order to move my family when it comes time for me to transfer. By purchasing items from my store you can show off your neurodiversity pride and help the family of a low-income autistic college student as they get ready to transition to a new town. I appreciate all of the support I've received so far, and I ask that if you like what I am doing that you share this with your friends and family so we can get the word out.

Monday, August 1, 2016

My social media presence

A list of my social media accounts:


Crowdfunding Signal Boost

This is a list of fund raisers I want to help signal boost. If you have a cause you'd like me to add to the list leave the link in the comments.

Michelle Diamond is raising money to purchase a hippocampe wheel chair to start a chair share program in Newport News Virginia.
Disability rights activist and movie director Dominick Evans is raising money to replace his lift and wheelchair. His current equipment is worn out to the point that it's unsafe to use and his insurance company refuses to do anything about it and until he replaces it he is stuck at home.

Sandy Kinnamon, a mom, wife, and advocate for disabilities, died in July 2016 in Allen, Texas. The lives of Sandy's family and friends, including her 6 year old triplet girls, has changed dramatically as a result of her untimely death.

The children will need on-going support and assistance adjusting to their new lives without their mother. They will also need childcare in the absence of their mother - and not just any childcare, but care that will be responsive to the needs of a child with an autism and epilepsy diagnosis, as one of the triplets is on the autism spectrum and has epilepsy as well.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Help Dominick Get Back His Freedom

The following is an expert from Dominicks gofundme page:

Dominick has two huge problems that are creating impenetrable barriers to his independence. First, his hoyer lift (the lift that gets him from the bed to his wheelchair) is old and unsafe. This standard lift, slides under his bed, lifts him, and puts him down in his chair. It also has a large bar near his feet and his feet often get stuck, causing him to bend and sometimes fracture his toes. The idea of this happening causes him such anxiety that Dominick hesitates getting out of bed, even when it's a necessity.

The second problem is his wheelchair. A highly documented mess from day one, Dominick's wheelchair is about three years old and has been fixed well over 20 times and has had the base replaced at least once. He's had the Attorney General of the state where he got the wheelchair involved, and while efforts have been made to help him, the company that provided the wheelchair is absolutely unwilling to rectify the problem. Dominick is fighting with his insurance company to get a new wheelchair, but it's a slow going process and until he gets one, he spends most of his time in bed. Now with the addition of the lift problems, he spends all of his time in bed.

I am sure these problems may seem trivial to some because Dominick does have equipment, but the reality is, if Dominick's toe gets cracked on the lift, it hurts or is a problem for sometimes weeks. If he spends the day in his wheelchair, his body aches for two days after he's been in it. This is when there aren't additional problems like his recline feature breaking and tilting his chair back in a laying position (this has happened more than once) or his mechanicals malfunctioning and sitting him in positions and not allowing him to move (this has happened, as well).

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Shout Out To All My Blog Readers.

Here is a chart with all the people who who have read my blog this month sorted by country, web browser and operating system. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by to take a look at my blog.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Updated list of blogs I follow.

Here's an updated list of the blogs I follow. If you have any suggestions please leave the links in the comments.
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Saturday, July 16, 2016

A little bit about me and what I do.

I just wanted to say a quick hello to all of my readers and give you a little background about who I am and what I do. My name is Joshua White and I am the founder and Vice president of the Autistic Students & Allies Network of Nash Community College in Rocky Mount NC. My partner and I are caretakers of 2 children. 1 of which is autistic and the other has sensory integration issues. I started this advocacy organization as an extension of the advocacy I was already doing on behalf of my family, and I wanted to use my position as an honour student to make my college administration aware of issues that affect autistic students on our campus. I am currently getting ready to graduate summa cum laude with my associates of arts and I plan to transfer to Appalachian State University in the spring to pursue my Masters of Social Work to make a career for myself as an autistic advocate.

So in case you were wondering what I am all about there you go. Hope you all have a great weekend and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave me a message in the comments.

Here are the links to my social media:

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Help Michelle Diamond purchase a hippocampe wheel chair to start a wheel chair share program in Newport News Virginia

The following is from the gofund me page of Michelle Diamond:

Hello my name is Michelle Diamond. I live on the east coast in beautiful Hampton Roads, Virginia

My son Miller Diamond has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and is a full time wheelchair user.  We are an active family. We love the beach, hiking, camping, and anything outdoors related!

The problem is power chairs are very expensive and fragile.  There are many occasions where Miller's chair just can't navigate the terrain.

This chair is the solution to all those problems. The Hippocampe is an all terrain chair.  The beach, woods, and slopes are all covered!

The funds we raise will not only allow Miller to enjoy the great outdoors once again, but will allow all residents in our city the opportunity to get outside and flourish!

This chair will be the start of a loaner program we wish implement in Newport News. There will be a calendar set up and you can "check out" equipment just like you would in the library! The great thing is the whole thing folds up and can fit in any car!

We will get the ski's, balloon tires, the arm rests, the harness, and transport bag.

We are very thankful for every dollar we can raise. If the program is a success we would love to bring more of our sister cities in on the project!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Cat magick

Earlier this spring my partner and I rescued 4 kittens out of a storm drain after their mother had been run over and killed by our neighbour. He put the dead momma cat in the storm drain and the kittens lived off of her milk until we came and found them all. We lured them to the top of the storm drain with cat food and got them all out one by one. We are not allowed to have pets where we live so we have to hide them in our house because we don't have the heart to take them to the pound and leave it up to chance. My partner invoked the cat goddess Bast to protect our house and family and these 4 kittens were her gift to us for honouring her so it is our responsibility to make sure these cats get to live.

When we got the kittens inside they were covered in ticks and fleas and we used tea tree oil and pulled all the ticks off and then gave them a bath in dawn dish detergent and washed them up and fed them and they've been with us ever since. We did not save these cats just to take them to the pound and have them put to sleep if nobody wants to adopt them. I feel a sense of duty to those cats because if we don't take care of them nobody else will.

My parents offered to help us bring them up to the PETA mobile neuter and spay clinic in Norfolk VA, but the reneged at the last moment because they said they don't want us to get kicked out if we get caught. I think that they are worried that if we lose our place I'll ask to come back to live with them. So we're going to have to find a way up to VA to get to the  mobile neuter and spay and vaccination clinic. We can't go much longer because those kittens are driving fast to puberty class and there's no way we could hide them if they started going into heat and spraying everywhere. So after we get back from our wedding in Boone we're going to have to make it our mission to get these cats sterilized and vaccinated so we can make sure they are healthy and taken care of.

These cats bring great joy to our home but we are risking everything because having animals here is a violation of the lease, but it's a risk we're willing to take because we believe that the goddess wouldn't have blessed us with those cats if we couldn't handle it. I want to see what the guidelines are for therapy animals and see if we can't get accommodations to keep them. I refuse to let those kittens die scared and alone in the gas chamber at some animal control facility. It's not going to happen.